Welcome To Mohair Shawls!

Welcome To Mohair Shawls!

Welcome to Mohairshawls.co.uk.


We're proud to present one of the finest ranges of hand dyed, hand woven mohair shawls & evening shawls on the market. The shawls we offer are a loose weave and are also sometimes known as web shawls or gossamer shawls, due to the delicate look and silky feel of the material. While these wonderful shawls look delicate, they are in fact extremely robust, as well as being silky soft, hugely versatile, and available in a wide range of colours.

The design of our shawls means that they pack down really small- they will easily fit into a pocket or a bag, and therefore are ideal for wearing out in the evening when the sun goes down and the air becomes chill. Despite the loose design, the shawls do retain a surprising amount of heat, and can of course be worn bunched up as scarves or, as in our picture, as a throw over the shoulders. Every shawl is supplied in a presentation bag which means that they make perfect presents.

Our shawls are handmade in Siberia by a group of women with whom we deal directly. This allows us to supply our shawls at a really good price, while the lack of middlemen means that our Siberian ladies are paid more than the usual market wage for their efforts. Each shawl is woven from 60% Mohair with the remainder a blend of silk & viscose, to give strength to the weave. As each shawl is woven by hand, patterns and designs in the weave will vary from one shawl to another. Some shawls are square, others more oblong. We take care to ensure that every shawl is a sensible size, and each one is checked for defects in the weave before it leaves us. An average size of a shawl, unfolded, is around 1.2m square, although this can vary depending on the overall shape.

After being woven every shawl is dyed by hand in small batches which means that there is a huge variety of colour tones and shades. We've counted over 120 different variations so far, but we expect there to be more! We photograph each shawl individually, so you will receive the actual shawl pictured - however different computer monitors do show colours in different ways so the final tone may vary slightly from the screen image. Don't worry- if you're unhappy with your purchase just call us and we'll check our stock to see if we can find a shawl that more closely matches your requirements!

The price you see on the site is the price you pay- we do not charge delivery or packing charges (for UK orders). We ship worldwide- shipping costs to overseas destinations are shown in checkout. We will try to ship your shawl on the day you order it, or the next working day if this is not possible. If you've any questions, we're very happy to discuss them with you- please feel free to e-mail or call us on 01225 436208.

Shawl Pricing Reduction
We've decided to permanently reduce the price of our shawls from £24.99 to only £19.99 each. Don't forget, it's free delivery, and there are no hidden extras. These make perfect presents, as they're small to wrap and light to post, but also wonderfully soft and warm. Click here to see our range of mohair shawls!

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